JCC 2019 Program

Please note that: before lunch break, JCC will have two parallel session tracks and only one track in the afternoon.

5th April JCC Sessions IEEE International Workshop On Joint Cloud Computing 2019
8:50am -9:35am Session ID: Keynote S1 Keynote Speaker: Marianne Huchard, Professor, University of Montpellie, France
Session Chair: Bo Ding & Haibo Mi Topic: (To be confirmed)
9:35am - 9:45am Break
9:45am -11:00am Session ID: Workshop S1-1 Session Title: (Session Chair: Donggang Cao)
Paper ID: JCC-5 Title:Comparison between Chunk-based and Layer-based Container Image Storage Approaches: an Empirical Study
Authors:Yan Li, Bo An, Junming Ma and Donggang Cao
Paper ID: JCC-26 Title:Looking Into Online Gaming From Measurement Perspective
Authors:Kai Yang, Xu Zhang, Yangchao Zhao, Qilin Fan, Qin Gao, Yongqiang Lyu, Hao Yin and Zhan Ma.
Paper ID: JCC-15 Title:SDVisor: Secure Debug Enclave with Hypervisor
Authors: Zhen Hong, Zinan Li and Yubin Xia
Paper ID: JCC-9 Paper Title: GPU Scheduling for Short Tasks in Private Cloud
9:45am -11:00am Session ID: Workshop S1-2 Session Title: (Session Chair: Peichang Shi)
Paper ID: JCC-1 Paper Title: LS4BUCC: A Low Overhead Storage Architecture for Blockchain Based Unmanned Collaborative Cognition System
Authors: Xunhui Zhang, Huaimin Wang, Peichang Shi and Xiang Fu
Paper ID: JCC-2 Paper Title: Joint Cloud Collaboration Mechanism between Vehicle Clouds Based on Blockchain
Authors: Kai Yang, Xu Zhang, Yangchao Zhao, Qilin Fan, Qin Gao, Yongqiang Lyu, Hao Yin and Zhan Ma.
Paper ID: JCC-22 Paper Title: EtherShare: Share Information in JointCloud Environment Using Blockchain-based Smart Contracts
Authors: Zhen Hong, Zinan Li and Yubin Xia
Paper ID: JCC-13 Paper Title: Research on Key Technologies of Software-Defined Network Based on Blockchain
Authors: Jialun Shao, Junming Ma, Yan Li, Bo An and Donggang Cao
Authors: Jialun Shao, Junming Ma, Yan Li, Bo An and Donggang Cao
11:00am -11:15am Tea Break
11:15am -12:30pm Session ID: Workshop S2-1 Session Title: (Session Chair: Wei Zhang)
Paper ID: JCC-19 Paper Title: SysOptic: a Fine-Grained Monitoring System for Virtual Machines Based on PMU
Authors: Pin Liu, Renyu Yang, Jie Sun, Xudong Liu
Paper ID: JCC-16 Paper Title: Efficient rendering of large-scale CAD models on a GPU virtualization architecture with model geometry metrics
Authors: Junjie Xue, Xiang Zhai and Huiyang Qu
Paper ID: JCC-12 Paper Title: Undertow: An Intra-Kernel Isolation Mechanism for Hardware-Assisted Virtual Machines
Authors: Zihan Yang, Zeyu Mi and Yubin Xia
11:15am -12:30pm Session ID: Workshop S2-2 Session Chair: Bo Ding
Paper ID: CCR-13 Paper Title: Cloud Robotics Architecture: From Theory to Practices
Authors: Huaxi Yulin Zhang, Lei Zhang
Paper ID: CCR-6 Paper Title: Enabling Adaptive Intelligence in Cloud-augmented Multiple Robots Systems
Authors: Shieng Zhang, Yinggang Li, Bo Liu, Shupo Fu
Paper ID: JCC-10 Paper Title: An Emergency-Oriented Backpressure Scheduling Scheme for Internet of Vehicles
Authors: Lishi Mei, Ning Xu and Bo Yin
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm -2:15pm Session ID: Keynote S2 Keynote Speaker:Fanjing Meng,Technical Staff ,research manager at IBM Research,China
Session Chair: Chair Name Topic: (TO BE POSTED)
2:15pm -3:30pm Session ID: Workshop S3-1 Session Title: (Session Chair: Haibo Mi )
Paper ID: JCC-25 Paper Title: Caching Salon: From Classical to Learning-Based Approaches
Authors: Yangchao Zhao, Xu Zhang, Kai Yang, Qilin Fan, Dongchao Guo, Yongqiang Lyu, Hao Yin and Zhan Ma
Paper ID: JCC-3 Paper Title: Mixup Based Privacy Preserving Mixed Collaboration Learning
Authors: Yingwei Fu, Huaimin Wang, Kele Xu and Haibo Mi
Paper ID: JCC-14 Paper Title: Resource Reservation and Request Routing for a Cloud-Based Content Delivery Network
Authors: Qilin Fan, Hao Yin, Yuming Jiang, Yongqiang Lyu, Sen Wang, Haojun Huang and Xu Zhang
Paper ID: JCC-18 Paper Title: BSP-Based Strongly Connected Component Algorithm in Joint Cloud Computing
Authors: Xiaochen Sun, Xingtong Ye, Kai Kang, Lijie Xu and Wei Wang
3:30pm -3:45pm Tea Break
3:45pm -5:30pm Session ID: Workshop S4-1 Session Title: (Session Chair: Zexun Jiang)
Paper ID: JCC-4 Paper Title: Detecting ``Pump & Dump Schemes'' on Cryptocurrency Market Using An Improved Apriori Algorithm
Authors: Weili Chen, Yuejin Xu, Zibin Zheng, Yuren Zhou and Jianxun Eileen Yang
Paper ID: JCC-8 Paper Title: Shaready: a Resource-Isolated Workload Co-location System
Authors: Shiqing Xue, Chunming Hu, Jianyong Zhu and Renyu Yang
Paper ID: JCC-6 Paper Title: SD-P2: a Novel Software Defined Public Internet Infrastructure for Joint Cloud Computing
Authors: Daochao Huang, Shijun Shen and Xinran Liu
Paper ID: JCC-20 Paper Title: Wukong: Heuristic-based Framework for Generating Generic-API for JointCloud
Authors: Heng Wu, Yuanjia Xu, Shijun Qin, Yuewen Wu and Haijun Li
5:30pm-6:00pm Large Group Photo Session
6:30pm-8:30pm Receiption Free with Registration